Integrated skin health

Innovating to defend and treat the body's frontiers

The current focus of our healthcare pipeline is on disorders that affect the epithelial tissues of the human body, specifically the mucosae and the skin. This integrated approach to inner and outer skin health translates to a pipeline of treatment interventions for the broader improvement of systemic health.

The mucosae

The mucosal barriers that line the gastrointestinal, respiratory and urogenital tracts are a vital part of the body’s outside defence system.

They detect pathogens, secrete fluids that prevent them from colonising the body’s inner surfaces, and they play host to an ecosystem of friendly microbiota and organelles that help combat and safely remove the pathogens.

When the mucosae become inflamed or damaged, the body’s cavities and organs can become exposed to infection and toxic substances causing the patient to suffer from potentially life-threatening health complications, as well as acute or chronic pain or discomfort.

The skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ and its first physical frontier against harmful microorganisms and damaging environmental factors.

More than a shield, the skin has a sophisticated immune system of cells and a microbiome that detect and respond to external threats, it regulates the body and absorbs nutrients that are essential to its functioning.

Chronic wounds, severe irritations and inflammations of the skin continue to pose challenges to clinical medicine. These expressions of skin disease make the patient vulnerable to infection, they cause discomfort and a psychological burden that can dramatically impact an individual’s quality of life.

How we can help

SynDermix is developing a pipeline of drug candidates that have the potential to trigger anti-inflammatory responses and to serve as anti-infective agents, while promoting the accelerated healing of the mucosal barriers and the skin.

The medical devices in our pipeline are intended for external use, enabling localised, low-frequency vibration to penetrate the tissues and to induce cellular changes. Our initial targets are in airway mucociliary transport, pain relief and tissue regeneration.

In the knowledge that feeling well promotes overall health and well-being, we believe that the over-the-counter dermatological and cosmeceutical benefits of our technologies should also be put to good use.

In supplement to our focus on unmet medical needs, where appropriate, SynDermix therefore leverages its technologies and scientific findings into the area of wellcare — a sector that emphasises wellness and environmental sustainability, and which encompasses consumer health and personal care products of natural origin.