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BIO International Convention 2020 – BIO Digital, virtual 8 June, 2020 in Events

SynDermix attends virtual BIO International Convention 2020 – BIO Digital

SynDermix Announces Interim Changes to Leadership 20 May, 2020 in Updates

Delegate of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SynDermix AG, Mr. Dieter Hemmer, on medical leave of absence; Dr. Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos appointed Designated Managing Director until the AGM 2020

Update on the Clinical Trial of the SDX-3101 Medical Device 7 April, 2020 in Updates

SynDermix AG announced temporary postponement of initiation of the SDX-3101 clinical trial on chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. (more…)

First Site Initiation Visit (SIV) Completed for the Clinical Trial of SDX-3101 in Austria 7 January, 2020 in Updates

SynDermix AG is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first SIV for the clinical trial of SDX-3101, in preparation for the recruitment of the first patient to the study. (more…)

Collaboration with King’s College London on the Formulation Development of SDX-21 1 July, 2019 in Updates

SynDermix AG is proud to announce its collaboration with King’s College London for the development of its Nitric Oxide technology. (more…)

AGM 2019: Re-election of Chairman and Board of Directors 11 June, 2019 in Updates

Shareholders approve all proposals put forward by the Board of Directors and re-elect the Chairman and Directors to the board of SynDermix.

Swiss Biotech Day, Basel 7 May, 2019 in Events

SynDermix attends Swiss Biotech Day 2019, the annual get-together of the Swiss biopharmaceutical industry. (more…)

SynDermix to Sell Majority Stake of SDX-Cosmetics 10 April, 2019 in Updates

SynDermix announces the sale of a majority stake of SDX Cosmetics – formerly a fully owned subsidiary of SynDermix AG. (more…)

SynDermix Announces Changes to the Executive Team 1 April, 2019 in Updates

The Board of SynDermix announces changes in the management and executive team. (more…)

Share Capital Increased 14 March, 2019 in Updates

The Board of Directors announces a successful increase of share capital: A total of CHF 1 000 000 in loans were converted against 232 222 newly issued shares.