Our pipeline is based on proprietary technology platforms

SynDermix holds intellectual property in the area of three innovative platform technologies: Bioelesonic, Nitric oxide and Plant lectins.

The current product portfolio of SynDermix is based on connected medical devices that provide drug-free, non-invasive medical interventions, and on topical drugs and devices that leverage compounds of natural origin. These platforms provide the scientific basis for a robust pipeline of biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, whose core therapeutic areas include rare diseases/disorders, wound-healing, ENT (ears, nose and throat) and pain management.

Each of our technologies is able to address multiple disease targets and their symptoms. This means that our manufacturing, preclinical and clinical activities are continuously building the scientific foundations for our present and future pipelines in both health and wellcare.

Our drug candidates

Our medical device candidates


To complement our healthcare pipeline, SynDermix drives a dynamic wellcare pipeline leveraging our proprietary technology platforms.

The philosophy behind our wellcare products is simple: We believe that people should widely benefit from new discoveries made in our pipeline cycle, and that our technologies’ non-prescription health and beauty benefits should be put to good use.

In this way, we are able to broaden the potential of SynDermix to make a positive difference in overall wellness, while making the most of our scientific and clinical strides in alignment with our commitment to sustainability.

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