At SynDermix, our vision is to be the most successful catalyst for meaningful innovation with applications in medicine and consumer healthcare, realising its full potential in the most resource-efficient way

About Us

SynDermix is a private, Swiss holding company with a diversified portfolio of assets in the MedTech, Pharma, Biotech and Cosmeceutical spaces.

Our mission is to acquire or in-license the intellectual property rights to innovative life science assets, conduct limited initial development and then house them within asset-centric subsidiary companies. By doing so, we enable targeted growth, while overseeing value-driven development, and facilitate eventual transactions for the benefit of our shareholders.

Our History

Founded in Switzerland as “Pharmagenix” and acquired core portfolio assets

Evolved as “SynDermix” and first cosmeceutical product developed under Énielle® brand

Drug-free medical device developed to treat nasal congestion

First transaction completed over Énielle®

Evolution into holding company structure

Our Current Holdings

BioEleSonic™, a SynDermix subsidiary, is a developer of handheld, non-invasive and connected medical devices that provide a drug-free alternative or add-on treatment option to pharmacotherapy for highly prevalent respiratory and pain disorders.

Noxogen Therapeutics, a SynDermix subsidiary, is a pharma company developing a patented, easy-to-use formulation which solves the challenges of effectively releasing nitric oxide locally, and leveraging its antimicrobial and vasodilatory properties topically.

TheraLect, a SynDermix subsidiary, is a biotechnology company developing topical applications of a recombinant plant lectin with positive Phase IIa results in epithelial healing following systemic administration.

Énielle, a SynDermix affiliate, is a Swiss skincare company and brand. Its flagship product is a skin serum, the first ever antidote to skin cell senescence, containing a signature active mixture of lectins extracted from the red kidney bean.

“With the patient in mind, our approach is to combine the skills of a VC investor in asset selection and the efficiency of an experienced drug-developer.”

Dr. Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos, Chairman and Managing Director


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March 2023


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