SynDermix Announces Changes to the Executive Team

The Board of SynDermix announces changes in the management and executive team.



The Board of SynDermix announces changes in the management and executive team of SynDermix, with the promotion of Dr Jessica Kourniakti to the position of Chief Operating Officer, effective today. In her previous role as Marketing and Strategy Director, Dr Kourniakti spearheaded SynDermix’s efforts to streamline the Company’s vision and operations. In her role as COO, Dr Kourniakti will be working closely with the executive team and The Board of Directors in providing all aspects of managerial leadership to drive the growth of the Company.

The Board also announces the promotion of Dr Anastasia Mantalidi to Director of Manufacturing, Intellectual Property and Quality Management as part of the executive team, effective today. As Director, Dr Mantalidi will oversee SynDermix AG’s intellectual property portfolio as well as the manufacturing and development of its pipeline products with contracted partners.

Furthermore, the Board of SynDermix announces the placement of the lectins programme under strategic review, upon the successful achievement of the milestones for the lectins programme that were set in late 2017. The objective is to unfold the untapped potential of the asset and to evaluate the full scope of the therapeutic capabilities of SDX-13 (a recombinant PHA-L lectin). As such, the Board has resolved to implement an internal restructuring and to leverage a global CRO, which is expected to develop and efficiently manage a sophisticated pre-clinical programme to achieve a near-term value inflection point for the lectins programme. Due to this strategic shift and the outsourcing of the development of the asset, the Board of Directors announces that the Company’s consultancy partnership with and the directorship of Dr Anthony Lockett have drawn to a close. Dr Lockett drove the development of the lectins programme since 2017 and has been instrumental in exploring the significant therapeutic potential of SDX-13 during his time with the Company. The Board of SynDermix would like to thank Dr Lockett for his guidance and expertise, as well as for the value he has added to the Company and the meaningful partnerships he has engendered for SynDermix. The Board is grateful for Dr Lockett’s years of service and wishes him the best for all his future endeavours.


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SynDermix AG is a Swiss developer of innovative health technologies funded by private investors. The Company focuses on the development of effective and safe treatments that meaningfully respect patient convenience and address important unmet medical needs.

SynDermix has built a diversified portfolio of innovative assets which correspond to three distinct proprietary technology platforms: smart medical devices based on digital acoustic modulation; drugs and medical devices based on a topical nitric oxide-releasing formulation; and drug candidates based on a recombinant plant lectin. Its business model is to a large extent virtual, driven by a strategy of in-licensing, outsourcing and out-licensing; the Company enters into strategic partnerships with third parties for the acquisition, development and commercialisation of a robust portfolio of assets with high innovation value and commercial potential. For more information please visit:


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