SynDermix Announces Interim Changes to Leadership

Delegate of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SynDermix AG, Mr. Dieter Hemmer, on medical leave of absence; Dr. Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos appointed Designated Managing Director until the AGM 2020



SynDermix AG announced today that the Delegate of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dieter Hemmer, will be taking a leave of absence for health related reasons. In Mr. Hemmer’s absence, the Board of Directors have appointed Dr. Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos, SynDermix’s Executive Director of Non-clinical and Business Development, as interim Designated Managing Director.

“Dieter has been strongly advised by his doctors to take a medical leave of absence. We intend to respect his privacy as he focuses on his health and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.” said Dr. Thomas Mehrling, Chairman of the Board of SynDermix AG. “Our Board of Directors unanimously support Konstantinos’ appointment as Designated Managing Director and have full confidence in his knowledge of the internal operations of SynDermix and his extensive industry experience. I trust that Konstantinos, with the support of the executive team and that of the Board, wherever needed, will continue to execute on our pipeline strategy and manage operations with success.”

Dr. Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos joined SynDermix in 2017, having over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and having held a number of senior positions in Big Pharma, biotech and VC-backed companies. He is a member of the executive management team of SynDermix and has worked closely with Mr. Hemmer over the past 3 years, heading the nitric oxide platform and overseeing all non-clinical and business development activities of the Company’s product pipelines.


About SynDermix AG

SynDermix AG is a Swiss developer of innovative health technologies funded by private investors. The Company focuses on the development of effective and safe treatments that meaningfully respect patient convenience and address important unmet medical needs.

SynDermix has built a diversified portfolio of innovative assets which correspond to three distinct proprietary technology platforms: smart medical devices based on digital acoustic modulation; drugs and medical devices based on a topical nitric oxide-releasing formulation; and drug candidates based on a recombinant plant lectin. Its business model is to a large extent virtual, driven by a strategy of in-licensing, outsourcing and out-licensing; the Company enters into strategic partnerships with third parties for the acquisition, development and commercialisation of a robust portfolio of assets with high innovation value and commercial potential. For more information please visit:



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