SDX-3103 Kick-Off Meeting, Biel

SynDermix announces the successful kick-off meeting of the project SDX-3103, a proprietary medical device for the treatment and prevention of chronic migraine.


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — 25 October 2018.

SynDermix announced today the successful kick-off meeting of the project SDX-3103, a proprietary medical device for the treatment and prevention of chronic migraine. The meeting took place in Biel at the headquarters of Creaholic SA, the innovation factory contracted by SynDermix to develop the medical devices belonging to the Company’s Vibration Therapies platform. It was attended by members of the senior management and project leaders from SynDermix, Creaholic and ISS AG (Integrated Scientific Services), the company driving forward the regulatory and clinical workstreams in SynDermix’s medical devices pipeline. “Migraine is a life-disrupting condition that affects hundreds of millions of patients worldwide and a major unmet medical need,” said Dr Carlos Camozzi, the Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at SynDermix and the project leader of the Company’s Vibration Therapies platform. “Our goal is that SDX-3103 will provide a non-invasive, drug-free, and ambulatory treatment for migraine sufferers, designed for fast action and ease of use.” The mechanism of action of SDX-3103 is based on the principle that specific motive energy waves can penetrate transcutaneously the tissues with precision, to relieve pain on a neurophysiological level. The Delegate of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SynDermix, Mr Dieter Hemmer, stated: “The kick-off meeting with Creaholic and ISS today has been creative, focused and productive — we expected nothing less. We look forward to working with our development partners and in consultation with migraine patient associations to create a device that will combine fast onset of action, safety, convenience and state-of-the-art medtech.”


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